Questions and Answers

Q: Why should a corporation support Henry W. Coe State Park over others?

A: Henry W. Coe State Park is the second largest state park in California and, unlike other large wilderness areas it is easily accessible to corporate employees and the communities where they live.

California businesses thrive because of their ability to recruit exceptional talent drawn to California, in part because of the rich natural resources the State has to offer. Most companies spend 20 to 30 percent of total labor cost on employee benefits. By investing in both the well being of their employees and protection of a local treasure, business leadership demonstrates a commitment to both its community and employees.

Q: Do donations to the CPPF qualify as tax-exempt contributions?

A: Yes, the CPPF is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization. All donors will receive appropriate tax-exemption information.

Q: Will donations support Henry W. Coe State Park exclusively?

A: Yes, under the CPPF Articles of Incorporation, funds raised will be used exclusively to ensure that Henry W. Coe State Park will remain open and accessible to the public, until such time as the state can resume park operations.

Q: How will funds be used to prevent closure?

A: Working closely with California Department of Park and Recreation, CPPF will develop a management plan that will fund essential park personnel and basic maintenance costs.

Q: What happens to the revenue generated by the park (eg., park use fees)?

A: All revenue generated by Henry W. Coe State Park will remain to provide direct support to the park, and will augment the funds provided by the CPPF for Henry W. Coe State Park

Q: If CPPF raises a large sum, will the state stop supporting the park when its budget improves?

A: We believe that the state is mandated to support its state parks — especially when bond-issue funds voted in by citizens and financed by their taxes were used to acquire park properties. Additionally, working closely with the state, CPPF intends to develop a management plan that includes restoration of future state funding. At such time funds raised by CPPF will be directed to subsidize Coe Park development and improvement projects to further enhance public access and usability.

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