Coe Park Will Remain Open Through 2015 !

Saving California parks shouldn't be this hard
Reed Holderman Special to the Mercury News 5/1/2012 — Read More

How Determined Docents Kept One Park Off the Closure List
NPR's California Report "California's State Parks: On The Rocks" 3/12/2012 — Read More

... it's fantastic that people are recognizing the value of their parks and showing the willingness to be personally involved.
Ruth Coleman - California State Parks Director as quoted in USA Today on 10/23/2011 — Read More

This is such a generous gift for the people of California, it's hard to fathom.
Mat Fuzie, Acting Chief, Northern Division - California State Parks as quoted in the 9/10/2011 San Jose Mercury News — Read More

People think of California and they think of San Francisco and L.A., but this [Coe Park] is the real California.
9/10/2011 Los Angeles Times — Read More

... Park administrators hope that this type of deal could be a model for saving other parks.

9/16/2011 Christine Sculati's Blog — Read More

Cheers to those who stepped up to save Coe Park
Cheers to the seven community members who stepped up to form the Coe Park Preservation Fund then promised to give $300,000 each year for three years, coupled with the park's annual revenue of $100,000, to keep the 87,000-acre park open. Dan McCranie, co-owner of Ladera Grill in Morgan Hill, said the money will be delegated to the state for operating, maintenance and staff expenses, helping to fund full-time positions for two resident rangers, a maintenance person and two park aids who assist the rangers.

9/27/2011 Morgan Hill Times

It's scandalous of the state to close lands that have been purchased with public money, and say, 'Stop. No. You can't come in!'
9/15/2011 Gilroy Dispatch — Read More

We earnestly hope that what we have succeeded in doing so far will provide inspiration for others to go the same route.
9/25/2011 California League of Park Associations — Read More

Views of Henry W. Coe State Park by LA Times photographer Mark Boster
9/10/2011 Los Angeles Times Photo Gallery— Read More

News and Opinions on Park Closures

... Ultimately, we the people are responsible. If we do not rise up and craft a solution to save what is ours, then we are complicit in this looming tragedy.

6/7/2011 San Jose Mercury News Op-Ed by Donald W. Murphy — Director of California State Parks from 1992 to 1999 and Deputy Director of the National Park Service from 2001 to 2007 — Read More

... These lands and facilities need to be preserved for all time and accessible to the taxpayers who own them.

6/4/2011 San Jose Mercury News Editorial — Read More

... If you love our parks, or if you never visit parks but you value the maturity and wisdom that growing minds gain in nature, step up and speak out.
6/1/2011 Morgan Hill Times Article — Read More

... At a meeting of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Commission, a state government entity that oversees eight off-road parks in the state such as Hollister Hills, a member of the public suggested Coe as the perfect place to fund a new off-highway vehicle park.
7/1/2011 Gilroy Dispatch — Read More

... The public deserves straight answers.
6/5/2011 Sacramento Bee Editorial — Read More

... Closing state parks is not a task that gives anyone joy, but we are experiencing turbulent times that necessitate deep — almost unthinkable — cuts to public services
5/27/2011 San Jose Mercury News Article — Read More

... If the closures take effect as expected, Brown would become the first governor in California history to close state parks to save money.
5/13/2011 San Jose Mercury News Article — Read More